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PH offers lowest real-estate rental services in Asia

Asia's real-estate rental services lowest in PH

“We are far off from Singapore and Hong Kong. Even the workers here are attracted to the BPO sector because of the good work-life balance,” assured Cebu Lancasters’ Chief Executive Officer Jose Soberano III on BPO industry’s stability.

Soberano emphasized that the foreign companies will stay encouraged in investing their companies in the Asia especially the Philippines. The country offers a more cost-effective real estate rental services compared to its Asian competitors.

Moreover, Hong Kong offers $7,024 monthly rental while Singapore gives $3,489 monthly fees. Makati is currently offering around $2,369 per month. These offers give the Philippines a competitive edge in order to sustain the current BPO companies in the country and encourage others to put up their offices locally.

Meanwhile, Cebu Lancasters is advancing the BPO industry in Cebu City through pioneering nearly a billion pesos project. The project provides the local city sufficient office spaces that BPO companies can rent. This will also drive the number of job opportunities in Cebu City.

Soberano also added that The Latitude Project helps in strengthening and expanding the foundations of local BPO industry. He mentioned that the Philippines can preserve the industry considering possible consequences once Trump has taken the office.