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Employees prefer companies with CSR work

Employees prefer companies with CSR work

“Involvement in charitable activities projects an image of a positive and responsible organisation, but also help workers feel proud of where they work,” emphasized Regus spokesperson on how company charity works encourage employees to stay and work.

Global workplace provider Regus conducted a survey with 40, 000 respondents about how charity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) directly affects employees. According to the results, 44 percent of the respondents would work for a company with charity involvement when presented with two job opportunities. 

Another trend found in the survey is that 47 percent of the respondents revealed that it is essential that their employers are doing charity work. Regus spokesperson also emphasized that companies who financially contribute to the society have higher chances of attracting and keeping their qualified applicants.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of the respondents mentioned that they would prefer if their employers initiate CSR activities and 41 percent appreciate it. Regus also found that employees wish to be informed about the charity initiatives of their company. “In addition, charitable initiatives create opportunities for management and employees to team up and work together,” spokesperson added.